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John Rogers Q&A

Keyboards, Guitar




When & where were you born:

March 2nd, Hamilton


Where did you grow up:

The process isn’t complete


What was the first record you bought with your own money:

It was a 45 – Ben, Michael Jackson


What was your first concert:

The Dublin Corporation at Diamond Jim’s, Hamilton


What made you want to become a musician:

Unseen forces


Your 5 favorite bands:

Alice Cooper

Van Halen



Cheap Trick


Your 5 favorite records:

Billion Dollar Babies

Welcome to My Nightmare

Van Halen I

St Pepper

KISS Alive


Your 5 favorite singers:

Alice Cooper

Robin Zander

Steve Tyler

Taylor Dane

Gerry McGhee


Your 5 favorite guitarists:

Eddie Van Halen

Paul Gilbert

Steve Vai

Randy Rhoades

Greg Fraser


Your 5 favorite Bass players:

Stevie Skreebs

Billy Sheehan

Gene Simmons

Geddy Lee

Stevie Skreebs (again)


Your 5 favorite drummers:

Neil Peart

Mark Cavarzan

Roger Banks

Alex Van Halen

Eric Singer


Your 5 favorite keyboardist or pianist:


Elton John

Keith Emmerson

Eddie Van Halen

John Lord


What 3 bands, musicians or artists do you think were the biggest influence on you being a musician:

Alice Cooper

Grand Funk



Besides the obvious “Rush,” who are you 5 favorite Canadian bands or artists:

Max Webster

Guess Who

Bryan Adams

Teenage Head

Coney Hatch


What is in your cd player or iPod at the moment:



Name 3 bands or artists that fans might be surprised that you like:


Don Henley



If you could sit down with 3  (living) celebrities for dinner, who would you pick:

Alice Cooper

Clint Eastwood

Pierce Morgan (to tell him what a dick he is)


If you could bring back 3 celebrities from the dead, who would they be:

John Lennon

George Harrison



If a famous band needed you to fill in for the night, who would you hope it was:

Alice Cooper


What was the last record you bought:

Welcome (2) My Nightmare, Alice Cooper


What are your 2 favorite sports teams:

Detroit Red Wings

Oakland Raiders


What is your favorite BR record:

The one we’re working on now


What is your favorite BR song:



If you couldn’t made it in music, what other profession what you have wanted to succeed at:

A night watchman at a cranberry silo


Favorite TV show of all time:



Favorite Movie of all time:

The Thing


Favorite Actor or Actress of all time:

Clint Eastwood


What hobbies do you have when not making music:

Is masturbation considered a hobby?


Ever have an embarrassing moment on or off stage:

Yes, both


What are the 3 greatest songs ever written:

Hey Jude

Only Women Bleed

Happy Birthday


Best concert you ever attended:

Every Alice Cooper show


Drink of choice:

Wray & Nephew’s Overproof Jamaican Rum – Yah mon!


What are some of your favorite highlights from the BR days of yesterday:

Getting our gold records

Playing Maple Leaf Gardens

Meeting the fans who actually dug what we did


Any final thoughts for your fans:

I’m so grateful you’re still fans after all these years and this new album is entirely for you guys.  See you at the next show.






















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